Vitality Rescue

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Vitality Rescue™ is the ultimate inflammation and joint support supplement.
If you are already using fish oil and turmeric as a part of your wellness program, you need to try this product.

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VitalityRescue™ is a superfood-based dietary supplement to help you get active in your life by supporting a healthy anti-inflammatory response.

Curcumin in turmeric is more readily absorbed when taken with fat and black pepper extract. So, our formulation includes both natural ingredients to maximize the absorption of curcumin. Please note that our curcumin is 46 times more bioavailable than standard curcumin without fats (omega-3  tuna oil) and black pepper extract (BioPerine®) in each capsule. BioPerine® also enhances the absorption of curcumin by 20 times. Rescue your vitality with our fast-acting VitalityRescue™!

Why should you add VitalityRescue™ to your diet?

To support inflammation and joint health. To recover faster from an intense workout. To support a healthy immune system. To provide support during a wound healing process. If you currently take separate fish oil and turmeric capsules, you can now enjoy the benefits of these high-quality superfoods with just 1 capsule a day.

3 Key Ingredients in VitalityRescue™

1. CurcuWIN® (Turmeric Curcumin)

Because curcumin has poor solubility and absorption, large doses of standard curcumin powder are typically needed for health benefits. VitalityRescue™ selected CurcuWIN®, a brand of curcumin that has been shown to have increased relative absorption of total curcuminoids; Specifically, 46-times more than standard curcumin. Resulting from a well-controlled human clinical trial — the first curcumin study of its kind — comparing commercial curcumin products. Research indicates that turmeric curcumin offers the following health benefits:

  • Supports healthy anti-inflammatory response†
  • Supports healthy joint & muscle mobility†
  • Supports cardiovascular health†
  • Supports liver health†
  • Supports cellular health†
  • Enhances antioxidant activity†
  • Supports healthy skin†

2. Fish Oil (Tuna Oil)

Our tuna oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and is famous for one primary factor: DHA content. No other naturally occurring omega-3 fish oil comes close to the DHA potency of tuna oil which stands at 25%. Brain health is also essential for your vitality. Not only does consuming omega-3 tuna oil benefit your cognitive health, it also and helps enhance the absorption of curcumin while providing the following health benefits:

  • Supports healthy anti-inflammatory response†
  • Supports cardiovascular health†
  • Supports liver health†

3. BioPerine® (Black Pepper Extract)

BioPerine® has been clinically tested with several nutrient groups, including fat-soluble vitamins, water-soluble vitamins, selenoamino acid [L(+)-Selenomethionine], and coenzyme Q10, and has shown to significantly enhance the bioavailability of supplemented nutrients through increased absorption. Herbal extracts such as curcumin have also been absorbed 20 times better when co-administered with BioPerine.®

Superior Nutrient Absorption & Efficacy = CurcuWIN® x Fish Oil x BioPerine®

† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.