Certified Organic Matcha Tea Powder in Stick-packs

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Enjoy the refreshing goodness of ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder. With a fresh & clean taste, it is available in convenient to-go stick packs.


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If you already love Matcha tea, you need to try ours. Our unsweetened certified organic Matcha Tea Powder in Stick Packs is easy to take “on the go”. Each packet contains 2 g of 100% organic matcha tea powder without artificial preservatives, flavors, and fillers. Our matcha green tea powder is a powerful antioxidant booster that provides 170,000 μ mol TE/100 g. Each serving (2 g) provides 3,400 μ mol TE. The USDA recommends a daily antioxidant intake of 3000~5000 μ mol TE, which makes our matcha green tea powder a convenient and tasty way to get your daily recommended dose of antioxidants!



  • Fresh & Clean Umami Taste
  • Unsweetened
  • Convenient Travel Size Packet
  • 2 g/serving
  • Certified Organic
  • Manufactured by Matcha specialists whose tea store was established in 1818.
  • No fillers, artificial preservatives, and flavors
  • Able to consume the whole tea leaf powder and its nutrition
  • Typical nutrition profile in 100g: ➢ Energy: 344 kcal ➢ Protein: 29g ➢ Lipid: 6 g ➢ Carbohydrate: 42g ➢ Sodium: 6.8 mg ➢ Potassium: 2500 mg ➢ Calcium: 350 mg ➢ Iron:5 mg ➢ Zinc: 3 mg ➢ Beta-carotene: 28000 μg ➢ Retinol: 2300 μg ➢ Vitamin C: 200mg ➢ Vitamin E: 35 mg ➢ Dietary Fiber: 29 g ➢ Caffeine: 3 g ➢ Tannin: 8 g ➢ L-Theanine: 1700mg ➢ Catechin: 10 g



How to Enjoy

Pour into bottled water (250~500ml), Shake it well. Enjoy the matcha goodness!


When to drink

  • As coffee alternative
  • When you’re thirsty
  • Before, During, After exercise
  • After too much alcohol and foods

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