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Supplementing Agaricus Blazei During Cancer Treatments

We often get the question of “Is it safe to take dietary supplements like Agaricus blazei during cancer treatments?” Our response is that you should ask your doctor before taking any types of supplements. In this blog, we would like to share a study report what researchers have found about taking a dietary supplement containing Agaricus blazei mushroom during cancer treatments. Before we jump into the whole venture of determining how beneficial it is to take dietary supplements such as Agaricus blazei during cancer treatment, let us first understand things that can be regarded as “dietary supplement.” When talking about a dietary supplement, it includes things like vitamins, minerals products made from plant and animal parts, yeast, algae, seafood, amino acids (powdered), fungus, and other food extracts and substance as well as liquid food supplements.

Healthy Immune System

The Importance of a Healthy Immune System

Taking dietary supplements when undergoing cancer treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and immunotherapy) can be beneficial when it is done right. The human immune mechanism by its qualities, aside from people who were born with a congenital disorder, is strong enough to overcome as well as protect against many health challenges. On the other hand, the overwhelming majority of people in the modernized world, their immune systems appear to have been compromised. This links not only to premature aging, possible sexual problems, cardiovascular health issues, as well as the issue of excess body weight and seriously challenged immunity also.

The Mushroom of GodAgaricus blazei Murill Mushroom

Originating in Sao Paulo Brazil, a highly praised and virtually almost a fairy tale mushroom was discovered and named the “Mushroom of God, ” i.e., cogumelo de Deus in Portuguese. That’s just because, along with its resilient features and exceptional structural elegance, this mushroom is a literal God-send in a health-promoting perspective. As a matter of fact, Agaricus blazei Murill is generally considered both locally and globally as a gift from nature that gives health together with longevity to people who partake of its wonder. Agaricus blazei as an immune support supplement will also activate natural killer cells (NK Cells) to improve cellular health. Mushrooms contain a significant form of health benefits; among the most effective of these constituents is the polysaccharides. Average Agaricus blazei consists of up to 27 percent polysaccharides; Whereas up to 60% of Agaricus Bio 600mg is polysaccharides. Some polysaccharides are entirely responsible for storing the energy we gain from food consumption, while others are primarily in control of managing the structure of cells.

Basically, polysaccharides are just what the body system utilizes as its principal source of energy: Polysaccharides are organic, low-toxicity macromolecules with numerous biological capabilities, which includes immune-modulation the starch variations such as amylose and amylopectin assisting as temporary energy stores, along with glycogen constituent, produced predominantly in the liver and muscles, helping as a long-standing energy store. Almost every system of the body depends on these two forms of polysaccharides as fuel, deficiencies in this can result in a severe cardiovascular problem, reproductive issues, low blood, and more. Beta-glucan polysaccharides specifically are acknowledged to possess that distinct immune-modulatory capability, and most likely deserve the most credit for manifesting anti-infection and cellular health activities. Polysaccharides are considered one of the powering causes behind the idea of “mushroom power.”

Agaricus Blazei Mushroom Supplements

Taking Agaricus Blazei during cancer treatments have proven to be effective with reports of it staving off immune challenges through the improvement of immune reactions and the curtailment of angiogenesis, the procedure through which unhealthy cells build new blood vessels to provide them with food. Using these mechanisms of action, Agaricus blazei has revealed extraordinary promise in the world of medical research. The Agaricus blazei Murill has vigorously shown its prowess in responding to immune-adjuvant support for type 1 T-helper (Th1) tumor genesis; the unhealthy cell was significantly reduced, this was made possible by the Agaricus blazei mushrooms ability to boost the Th1 immune response when co-administered with a cancer vaccine. The Th1 plays an essential role in immunity; therefore, the mushroom capability to enhance the NK cell activity assists the Th1 to perform its functions.

Research has shown that Agaricus blazei could also be advantageous in supporting the immune system when dealing with different types of seriously challenged immune systems. With its exceptional potential to boost the activity of NK cells, this is one of the biological reasons why Agaricus possesses this capability. Not to mention the Agaricus blazei mushroom’s ability to rejuvenate the body’s natural immune system.

Agaricus Supplements

Why Everyone Should Consider Taking Agaricus blazei Supplements.

Every human being is susceptible to aging, ecological contaminants, toxins in food and water, illness as well as challenges of a fast-paced lifestyle. Aside from that, we can all greatly derive benefit from efficiently boosting our immune systems. This combined mushroom supplement stimulates health and overall wellness. It amplifies natural killer cell process, increases energy and shields the body system. It can also reduce cholesterol and regulate blood glucose levels. Mushrooms are a natural dietary food supplement with a dynamic element confirmed by research to be a reliable augmenting agent to the immune system. In general, Agaricus blazei is a safe and health-supporting supplement that displays little-to-no possible adverse reactions, and that has an in-depth record of efficacy in several applications. Its functions are both supplemental and fundamental, which means it’ll remain a reliable option both as an adjunct to traditional medicine as well as one of the different mushrooms of choice for superfoods.

In conclusion, taking Agaricus blazei during cancer treatments or any dietary supplement shouldn’t be left to the patient alone; it is highly recommended that any patients who choose to embark on this journey while undergoing cancer treatment should do so under the direct supervision of a qualified physician or healthcare provider. This is the first step to know if you are doing it right. Another thing we should all consider is the suppliers of this mushroom; it will be worthwhile to know if you’re using a product with the highest quality Agaricus blazei raw material. Please remember you get what you pay for.


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