Is Tea Helpful in Addressing Immune Deficiency?

What Tea Can Do for Immune Deficiency

Tea as an immunity booster is a fact many already know(2). It can enhance the body’s natural defenses against various threats. It improves immune response to address microbial intrusion into the body promptly. However, when it comes to immune deficiency, does tea help?

Before anything, it’s important to discuss what immune deficiency means. It basically means the low activity of the immune system that results in the inability or lower capability of the body to fight off infections. It can be due to many reasons and addressing it depends on the cause behind it.

How Does Immune Deficiency Occur?Immune Deficiency

Immune deficiency can be congenital or acquired since birth. It could be caused by a genetic disorder called primary immune deficiency. It’s important to see a doctor to have the proper treatment for a weak immune system. If that is the case, tea does not offer much help. There’s nothing to boost if your immune system is innately deficient. Nothing’s stopping you from drinking tea, though, if it’s something you enjoy or if it makes you feel good. (1)

On the other hand, immune deficiency can also be caused by diseases. It can also be brought about by the consumption of pharmaceutical and narcotic drugs. Drugs can suppress the immune system and raise the chances of getting infections. Additionally, it may be necessary to develop a deficient immune system after a bone marrow transplant as doctors may administer immune-suppressing medicines if the donor’s immune system cells target the tissues of the recipient.

Those who suffer from immune deficiency caused by medication and diseases may have slight immunity-boosting benefits from tea consumption(3). However, it’s necessary to emphasize that the underlying condition has to be addressed first and foremost. Tea is only known to be an immunity enhancer, not a treatment for immunity problems. Among many beverage choices, we certainly recommend readers to consider drinking more Matcha green tea over soft drinks since Matcha green tea not only satisfy your thirst but also provide you vitamins and phytonutrients such as catechins(5). Also,  Drinking matcha green tea, which contains L-theanine(4) may activate human γδ T cells(6), which is important evidence that explains why green tea is a good immune supporter. 

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