Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers alongside lung cancer[1], which is why women need to be vigilant in taking preventive action against illnesses that can compromise their breast health. Not only is regular healthy living important, such as getting enough sleep and exercise, but our choice of diet may also greatly help to improve our health and our body’s resistance to various illnesses. One of the easiest ways to augment the body’s natural defenses is by drinking matcha green tea.


As it turns out, matcha green tea contains a substance called epigallocatechin-3-gallate that has anti-oxidant and cell-regulating properties[2]. Some researchers believe that this substance may be a reason why good breast health is higher amongst Asian-American women due to their increased consumption of matcha green tea. The reason why this substance is important is that it helps to control the cells in our bodies—especially when it comes to their ability to create their own blood supply and programmed cell death, in other words, “cell suicide.” Both of these processes become dysfunctional when breast health is compromised, which may lead to serious illnesses such as cancer, which by definition is the cell’s inability to die leading to continued division and growth.


In a research study conducted by Gloria Bonucelli, Federica Sotgia, and Michael Lisanti, lab results indicated that matcha green tea could reduce the spread of cancer stem cells in breast tissue. The experiment included putting cancer cells on dishes and then adding matcha green tea. By doing so, the researchers looked to see if the cancer cells would form clumps called mammospheres. What they found was that the cancer dishes with matcha green tea added were half as likely to clump. Furthermore, other measures of a rapidly growing tumor region, such as the metabolic and respiratory rates also decreased.

Many key pathways were shown to be positively affected by the addition of matcha green tea. Amongst these pathways is the anti-oxidant pathway, which is involved in the detoxification process.  The result shows that regularly drinking matcha green tea may help to rid our body of toxins naturally.

Altogether, the above experiment is important because it shows how matcha green tea is a natural compound that aids the body in its innate defenses—leading to improved immune response and improved cellular health which is vital to maintaining good breast health. So next time when you’re reaching for your next drink, think about what matcha green tea can do for you!