Green Tea to Support the Immune System

3 Phytonutrients in Green Tea to Support the Immune System

Green Tea drinkerGreen tea is regarded as a health drink for a long time. It is even valued for its medicinal properties in many countries. Do you know what makes green tea a health drink? Here are three phytonutrients you should know.

1) Alkylamines

Based on the findings of a long-term research published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, tea has several positive health effects. Drinking five to six cups of tea makes the body more capable of defending against viruses. It was found to have immunity-boosting properties as it contains substances that help prime the immune system. These substances are known as alkylamines and are believed to help brew up the body’s defense system. They help the body in establishing protection against bacteria, fungi, parasites, mutated unhealthy cells, and a number of other agents that are not good for your health.

2) L-theanine

Tea also has rich concentrations of L-theanine, an amino acid that is believed to strengthen the immune system, which combats viruses and bacteria. This amino acid particularly enhances the capacity of gamma delta T cells, which serve as the body’s first line of protection against infection. L-theanine goes to the liver and is broken down into ethylamine, a compound that is also produced by disease agents and plays a significant role in the central nervous system. Researchers observed that the presence of this compound makes the immune system more prepared in dealing with health challenges.Matcha to support immune system

3) Polyphenols

Almost all research point to the health benefits of tea. Arguably, it can only impair the immune system or health in general if it is improperly prepared or if the tea is from a polluted source. Tea is a diuretic, but it is not capable of making the body too dehydrated to affect the body’s normal functioning. In fact, a study sponsored by the UK Tea Advisory Panel reported that consuming four to six mugs of tea in a day is as good as keeping the body hydrated with a liter of water. Mr. Inoue, one of Matcha green tea experts in Kyoto suggests three cups of Matcha green tea daily for health maintenance.

In summary, when looking at green tea to support the immune system, three essential phytonutrients are what make it possible. It also has high levels of polyphenols that help curb the risks of developing damaged cells in our bodies. It is a safe drink to consume regularly, especially if it’s of high quality such as certified organic.


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