Bulk Ingredient Supply

Atlas AbM Raw Materials

Atlas World USA produces USDA organic, Agaricus blazei mushrooms of a patented strain. We offer special bulk pricing for raw material orders. We offer raw Agaricus blazei materials in a variety of forms including whole dried Agaricus blazei mushrooms, finely ground Agaricus blazei powder, and a high pressure, liquid extract of Agaricus blazei. We can handle any size order of dried Agaricus blazei mushrooms due to our large production capacity of 100 metric tons/month. Our Agaricus blazei is produced in the United States, with a production partner that has over 70 years of experience with fungal manufactoring. Our production facility produces mushrooms under strictly controlled laboratory conditions. Our Agaricus blazei mushroom are certified USDA organic as well as certified JAS organic (Japanese Agricultural Standards). Our quality control system is subject to US HACCP, and is confirmed through third-party analytical laboratories, with a certificate of analysis for each production lot. We include testing and standards that meet cGMP practices (21 CFR Part 111). Please be careful before considering importing cheap raw materials or non-organic mushrooms. Mushrooms are susceptible to many production problems, and have an affinity for compounds commonly found in pollution. Save your money and time in the long term by investing in high quality, researched, Agaricus blazei products. Please call us for your own high quality, certified organic, Agaricus blazei. You can reach us at (866)-670-6644 or info@atlasworldusa.com

Composition of Agaricus blazei

Fungi including Agaricus blazei Murill have been used as a home remedy au over the world. However, this special type of mushroom has a unique chemical composition that makes it particularly effective.

Glycoprotein (polysaccharide)

β-glucan, F10-a-β, α-glucan, FA-1-a-α, β-galacto-glucan, FA-1, Nucleic acid(RNA), FA-2-b-interferon inducer, Protein glucan, Flll-2, Xyloglucan, FlV-2-b

54 enzymes, lncluding, lipase, Esterase, Lecithinase, Glucosidase, Peptidase, Tyrosinase
Additional Compounds

Enzyme-inhibitor, Steroid-type compound, Alkaloid-type compound, Non-proteinc Amino Acid

Essential Nutrients

  • 1: Amino acids including the nine essential amino acids
  • 2: Mineral
  • 3: Vitamin
  • 4: Fatty acid
  • 5: Dietary fiber

Certified Organic

Our Agaricus blazei Murill has acquired both JAS (Japan Agriculture Standard) Organic Certification and USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Organic Certification, Our AbM is the only mushroom that has received certification from both Japan and the United States.

USDA Certified Organic


[ USDA organic standards ]

  • Require to fulfill more rigid criteria compared to JAS(Japanese Agriculture Standard) in every article
  • Non-use of prohibited agricultural chemicals and fertilizers
  • Non-use of prohibited agricultural chemicals and fertilizers for no less than 20 years before sowing or planting
  • Be produced in the land separated more than 8km from land that it operated through the use of prohibited agricultural chemicals and fertilizers

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JAS Certified Organic


[ JAS for organic product ]

  • Non-use of prohibited agricultural,I chemicals and fertilizers
  • Non-use of prohibited agricultural chemicals and fertilizers for no less than 2 years before sowing or planting
  • Non-use of recambinant DNA technology for seeds and seedlings
  • Producers maintain records of all controlled production process from production to shipping, grades and production history, and make such records available (Traceability).