History of the Agaricus blazei Mushroom

022_AtlasWorldUSAThe Agaricus blazei mushroom history begins in a mountain town in Brazil. In a mountain town called Piedade, located outside of São Paulo, natives known for longevity and health included a unique mushroom in their daily diets. The natives of the region believed the mushrooms were more than just food, naming them such things as Cogumelo da Vida and Cogumelo de Deus, Portuguese for mushroom of life and mushroom of god.

Around 1970, researchers began to take notice of the inhabitants of Piedade. Natives of Piedade had an unusually low rate of geriatric illness and were known for their longevity.

A Brazilian farmer of Japanese descent, named Takahisa Furumoto, sent spores of the native AbM mushroom to Japan, to be investigated for health benefits. Researchers were interested in the mushroom and spent several years attempting to cultivate the mushroom. Agaricus blazei, unlike many mushrooms of the Agaricus genus, are difficult to cultivate. The mushrooms prefer a highly specialized environment to grow, similar to the conditions in Piedade, which are hot (95-100F), humid, and experience regular afternoon showers, and have cool evenings (68-77F).

Research conducted on the health properties of this mushroom began in Japan and has steadily expanded and spread to the international community. Currently, Agaricus blazei is under intense investigation by researchers from all over the world who regularly publish experiments done with the mushroom in major scientific journals. Check www.pubmed.gov for the most recent research.

Researchers believe Agaricus blazei’s ability to modulate the immune response is due to various types of low molecular weight polysaccharides, unique to Agaricus blazei. These low molecular weight polysaccharides (such as alpha and beta glucans), are believed to be the most potent polysaccharides yet discovered for their ability to modulate the immune response and promote cellular health.


AbM Mushroom Products

In 1995, Atlas World began its quest to spread the health benefits of the AbM mushroom to the masses. With the goal of producing premium Agaricus blazei, Atlas World began business after obtaining a patented strain of this special mushroom. This strain of Agaricus blazei, is the only mushroom featured in all our products, which are certified organic, non-irradiated, non-GMO, and 100% natural. This dedication to quality has not gone unnoticed, in 2005, the NIH (National Institute of Health) sponsored published research showing the benefits of Agaricus blazei consumption using our very own strain. Atlas World USA is dedicated to good health, by sharing this special strain of Agaricus blazei to all.