Atlas World Premium Production

Since 1995, Atlas World USA has been the leader in global Agaricus blazei manufacturing and distribution. Atlas World produces premium quality Agaricus blazei which has been researched in a National Institute of Health sponsored study.

The Importance of Professional Agaricus blazei Cultivation Techniques

In a large scientific review of Agaricus blazei research, it was noted that the range of quality in Agaricus blazei production can have a significant impact on the mushroom’s ability to impact the immune system. This should not come to a surprise to those who have cultivated fruits or vegetables in poor growing conditions. This is why Atlas World USA’s Agaricus blazei cultivation and production standards are based upon the highest of quality.


Our mushroom producer has over 70 years of experience in fungi manufacturing.
Mushroom production begins with sterile cultures.
Later, the cultures are inoculated with mushroom spores.
Next, sterile substrates are selected.
This is where the mushrooms will grow
Later, the substrate is inoculated by the fungal growth produced on cultures.
All mushrooms are grown in rooms that control light, temperature, and humidity.
Each production step is subject to quality control measures.
Mushroom first appear 17 days after substrate inoculation.
A batch of mature, organic, Agaricus blazei mushrooms ready for harvest.

Atlas World Strain of Agaricus blazei

Our Agaricus blazei is not the same as Agaricus blazei offered elsewhere. Our mushroom’s genetics have been carefully selected from a large pool of Agaricus blazei strains. One parent of our strain is a prized Agaricus blazei strain taken from mycologists studying the mushroom in Japan. The other parent strain, is a strain of Agaricus blazei taken from a mycology company in northern California. These strains were selected due to their abnormally high levels of immune enhancing compounds such as beta and alpha glucans. Once these strains were successfully bred, the result was a mushroom which has yet to be improved upon and is secured by a patent. To ensure our mushroom’s genetics remains stable, DNA analysis is undertaken. As extra insurance, the spores of this mushroom are safeguarded in vaults

California, USA
Commercial product, Japan
Atlas World USA’s
Patented Agaricus blazei

Atlas World USA Production

Atlas World’s Agaricus blazei is produced organically in the United States, by a leading fungal biology company with a history spanning over 70 years. Our production facility is highly controlled and designed to mimic the conditions of Piedade, Brazil. The mushrooms grow in rooms that are warm, with high humidity, frequent showers, and cool evenings. Unlike conditions in the wild, the substrate the mushrooms are grown on is of the best quality and is certified organic. After growth, our mushrooms are carefully harvested by hand and then dried gently, to minimize any degradation to compounds contained in the mushroom. All mushrooms and mushroom substrates are subjected to an array of quality assurance tests prior to use, to insure the highest quality product. This process is subjected to the US HACCP system and the mushrooms are certified organic by both the USDA and JAS (Japan Agricultural Standards).

Atlas World Quality & Potency Analysis

Atlas World, the leader in the development and manufacture of Agaricus blazei mushroom products, is committed to producing the highest quality products available. Our Agaricus blazei mushrooms are regularly tested for beta-glucans, polysaccharides known to improve the immune response. In order to insure the purity of Atlas Agaricus blazei products, our mushrooms are regularly subjected to various quality assurance assays. These tests ensure our Agaricus blazei mushrooms are able to help support your immune system, cellular health, and healthy blood glucose levels.

Atlas World Private Label Manufacturing

Atlas World USA produces USDA organic, Agaricus blazei mushrooms of a patented strain. In addition, our Agaricus blazei is available in a variety of formulations. We offer Agaricus blazei as a finely ground powder or as a concentrated liquid extract. This mushroom can make a great addition to existing dietary health supplements/foods formulations, or work as a stand alone product. To inquire about general pricing for private-label items, please contact us at (866)-670-6644 or for further assistance.

Bulk Material Manufacturing

055_AtlasWorldUSAAtlas World USA produces USDA organic, Agaricus blazei mushrooms of a patented strain. We offer special bulk pricing for raw material orders. We offer raw Agaricus blazei materials in a variety of forms including whole dried Agaricus blazei mushrooms, finely ground Agaricus blazei powder, and a high pressure, liquid extract of Agaricus blazei. We can handle any size order of dried Agaricus blazei mushrooms due to our large production capacity of 100 metric tons/month.

Our Agaricus blazei is produced in the United States, with a production partner that has over 70 years of experience with fungal manufactoring. Our production facility produces mushrooms under strictly controlled laboratory conditions. Our Agaricus blazei mushroom are certified USDA organic as well as certified JAS organic (Japanese Agricultural Standards).

Our quality control system is subject to US HACCP, and is confirmed through third-party analytical laboratories, with a certificate of analysis for each production lot. We include testing and standards that meet cGMP practices (21 CFR Part 111).

Please be careful before considering importing cheap raw materials or non-organic mushrooms. Mushrooms are susceptible to many production problems, and have an affinity for compounds commonly found in pollution. Save your money and time in the long term by investing in high quality, researched, Agaricus blazei products. Please call us for your own high quality, certified organic, Agaricus blazei. You can reach us at (866)-670-6644 or