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with our premium quality Agaricus blazei; which has been researched in a National Institute of Health sponsored study.

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“The immune system is the defense against infectious organisms and other invaders. Through a series of steps called the immune response, the immune system attacks organisms and substances that invade our systems.”

The Agaricus Blazei Murill Mushroom

Over 500,000 people have turned to the Agaricus blazei mushroom to support a healthy immune system in order to fight off minor and major health challenges.



Agaricus Bio® Wellness Powder Formula

Agaricus Bio Wellness Powder Formula

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Researched Benefits of Agaricus blazei

  • ・ Helps Support Healthy Blood Glucose Levels
  • ・ Supports A Healthy Immune System
  • ・ Helps Support Cellular Health
  • ・ Increases Antioxidant Activity
  • ・ Helps Support Cardiovascular Health
  • ・ Helps Feel More Energy and Vitality

Why choose Atlas World’s Agaricus blazei?

Atlas World’s patented strain of Agaricus blazei Murill (H1X1), was developed by expert mycologists. H1X1 is the product of two parent strains, one cultivated in northern California known as SBRFG, and another parent strain cultivated in Japan known as I-101.

Our patented strain of has been studied by NIH-sponsored researchers, who later published their results in the journal Pharmaceutical Biology, in 2005. The researchers found our Agaricus blazei to be effective in supporting cellular health.

In addition, our Agaricus mushrooms are certified USDA and JAS organic. All Atlas World Agaricus Bio supplements are standardized for polysaccharide content.

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Why Opt for Supplements?

It would be dangerous to go around picking any fungus you think is the Agaricus mushroom. First off, it may not be common in your area. Plus, even if you are completely positive you have the right mushroom, it can be tiresome to find ways to include mushrooms in your diet on a daily basis.

Agaricus Bio supplements make it easy for you to implement the Agaricus mushroom into your diet. If you are looking to boost your immunity and energy levels, we have capsules or liquid supplements to fit your preference

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